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lady swimmer washing hairChemicals and minerals in the water you clean yourself in can cause your hair to become dry, brittle and even discolored. There are opportunities to advert the damage of dry, breaking or brown hair. There are many ways this damage can occur.

Two of the most typical reasons of hair discoloration is from your house water, especially well water and chlorine from swimming pools. Well water contains numerous minerals that can cause harm to your hair. Minerals like calcium and copper in the water bonds and builds up on your hair resulting it to become discolored and even hard to take care of. It is important to take steps to stop this harm and alter it before it becomes a problem. You can use clarifying shampoos to strip away the minerals from the hair not allowing them to collect. You should also be using a conditioner which replaces needed moisture while providing protection to your hair from these chemicals and minerals. The other common cause of hair discoloration is due to the chemicals used in swimming pools.

"Chlorine hair" also known as "swimmers hair" is due to constant exposure to chlorine. Having brown hair from swimming is very common especially for those with darker hair like black. Securing your hair from chlorine exposure is similar to securing it from minerals. It is vital to protect your hair and scalp  from the drying effects of chlorine. The use of good conditioners to restore the moisture stolen from your hair is vital. It is also important to get rid of the chlorine from your hair as soon as possible after exposure. There are various products available to do just that. They are generally called swimmers shampoos. They are a lot like clarifying shampoos and often have a moisturizer in them as well.

If you have brown hair due to exposure to chemicals such as chlorine or from minerals like copper than there are homeopathic options to restore your hair to normal. You can use lemon juice or vinegar to take away the collection and then use a high quality conditioner to restore the oils and moisture to your hair. Another product to protect your hair from swimmers hair is to use a swimmers cap while swimming around. It is vital to remember that the number one way to care for your hair is to advert it from being harmed in the first place.

Prevention of brown hair or other effects of chemicals and minerals in water is to use high quality shampoo that will take away these elements from your hair before they have a opportunity to bond and turn your hair brown. It is also extremely vital to use a good quality conditioner to revive your hair from the drying effects of chemicals and minerals. By following these hints you will be able to have a shiny head of hair and avoid those bad hair days.



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